Praedicare Laboratories provides a range of services to support drug development and clinical trials.

  • Assay development & study design
  • Hollow fiber testing to determine PD, PK, toxicity, efficacy & optimized dose regimen (including multi-drug regimens)
  • Artificial 3-D human organoids for more specialized testing
  • Longitudinal sampling during hollow fiber studies allows for multiple downstream analyses (RNA seq, standard clinical testing, etc.)
  • Advanced analytic tools and mathematical modeling
  • Consulting support for IND development & filing

Hollow Fiber Testing

Praedicare has developed and is further developing in vitro tissue platforms for assessing efficacy and safety of new chemical entities, based on actual human-like pharmacokinetics.

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Assay Development

In-House assay DevelopmentĀ & Screening. As one of the first steps in drugĀ development, timing is critical. PraeDicare Labs works to take on this critical step and provide accurate toxicity testing and creating test systems on which to evaluate the effects of chemical compounds on cellular, molecular or biochemical processes of interest.

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Mathematical Modeling

Advanced mathematical modeling, computer-aided clinical trial simulations, and artificial intelligence algorithms, enhances the results of animal testing and the translation of results into a humanized-model for better prediction of drug performance in the clinical trial phases

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Next Steps

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