Our Family

The Praedicare team consists of an ensemble of scientists and regulatory affairs experts drawn from academia and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the financial sector. The team, from the leadership, project managers, laboratory scientists, and mathematicians, are all experts in their fields. It is the intellectual know-how of the collective team that makes Praedicare the unique company that it is.

This intellectual capital is managerially organized based on Ubuntu The Praedicare team follows the centuries-old Ubuntu [Unhu in the Shona language and ubuthosi in Ndebele] concept of “Ishe vanhu”, which says a chief owes his/her status to the will of the people. This is similar to what has been termed “servant leadership” in recent years in popular culture. This comes from the very basic thought of Ubuntu: you are a person because other people are. The chief then, serves the clients and the entire Praedicare team; the Praedicare team serves the clients, and the chief is simply the main servant. Thus, the leadership is not at the head of Praedicare, it is simply entrusted with duties of management to serve the Praedicare team of scientists and their clients. At the heart of Praedicare are dedicated project managers who talk to clients each week [the project managers are all scientists], and who can provide running results in real time for clients, to allow for quick decision-making.