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Medical School at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe, Residency at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Gumbo has been both a bench scientist and clinician, has developed several laboratory models for fungal, parasitic, bacterial and viral infections, using animal models, human challenge models, and in vitro dynamic models such as the hollow fiber model of TB, non-tuberculous mycobacteria, and cancer. He has also developed several mathematical models for translation from the laboratory to patients in the area of therapeutics and quantitative translational pharmacology, and for characterizing disease progression and the immune system in patients based on next generation sequencing and mathematics. He has received research funding from several national organizations such as the US NIH, the South African Medical Research Council, and other private-public partnerships.

Dr. Gumbo is the recipient of numerous awards. His pre-clinical and clinical work has been used to identify now licensed clinical doses of three antifungal drugs called echinocandins, anti-tuberculosis [TB] compounds by the WHO Global TB program and by national tuberculosis [TB] programs in numerous countries, currently used hospital diagnostics of microscoporidia [a parasitic infection in that causes diarrhea immunocompromised patients], the design of new anti-TB drug regimens for children and adults, and together with his team recently identified and characterized safe inhibitors of the fundamental physiologic pathway essential to embryogenesis, organ positioning, healing, and fibrosis, called sonic hedgehog signaling.

Dr. Gumbo is also a published poet.