Our Services

Praedicare utilizes several quantitative platforms [wet lab studies, mathematical modeling, in silico simulations, and proprietary algorithms] for drug development and testing in the areas of treatment for infection, oncology, immunotherapeutics, and toxicology, among others. We work with clients to take a drug from lead optimization, through IND filing, to phase I clinical trial design. Our platforms allow for rapid development of combination regimens and the ratios of does in the combinations as well as comparisons to the standard of care. Thus, Praedicare de-risks the drug development process for clients in terms of time, money and effort. Praedicare achieves this by offering services that allow

  1. Early choices and decision-making for which drugs/compounds are likely to be successful candidates for further development,
  2. Pre-clinical drug development with output that has high quantitative forecasting accuracy of clinical events,
  3. Reducing the number of doses to be tested to a single optimal dose for early phase “first in man” and dose-ranging studies,
  4. Design of combination regimens in months rather than the decades-long iterative process of replacing a single drug to existing combinations, and
  5. Takes into account the pediatric use of drugs early in the drug-development process.

Our Products

Type of products that we specialize in

  • Small molecules
  • Antibody-based therapies
  • Immunotherapies
  • Liposome-encapsulated products
  • Vaccines
  • Combination regimens [exact drug ratios for 2, 3 and 4 drug combinations]
  • Algorithms and software for clinical trial design and for adaptive clinical trials
  • Dosing apps for health care systems

Our Processes

Praedicare is dedicated to efficient projects that allow clients to meet timelines by providing

  • A drug-development program strategy roadmap for new and large companies,
  • Dedicated project manager for each product and client with dedicated regular contact,
  • Rapid turnaround with client getting results in real time as they are generated
  • Dedicated mathematical modeling teams
  • Team of scientists, modelers, physicians and writers dedicated to creating paperwork for regulatory bodies on behalf of clients, including for INDs

Services Offered

  • SAR / QSAR modeling and molecular modeling for docking molecules
  • Lead selection and optimization
  • Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and toxicodynamics
  • Pharmacometrics-based modeling and simulation results for drug development, including for intracellular pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, pharmacogenomics
  • Design of combination regimens to identify partner drugs and the dose ratios of the combination drugs to achieve efficacy and minimize toxicity
  • Design of combination regimens for children sui generis so that children do not wait for decades as is common in the current “hand-me-down” paradigm
  • Drug-resistance mitigation strategy for anti-cancer and anti-microbial agents, underpinned by our extensive in-house RNA sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, and protein folding libraries
  • Assay development for measuring drug concentrations inside and outside of cells, bacterial pharmacodynamic responses, cancer cell pharmacodynamic readouts, and toxicity readouts
  • Machine learning/AI in bioinformatics, RNA sequencing and whole-genome sequencing, mathematical modeling and simulations, and predicting drug resistance and patient therapeutic responses
  • Drug resistance mitigation strategies for pharmaceutical companies, countries and health care systems to predict [1] dosing that will likely minimize emergence of resistance and [2] the type of mutations to survey in the drug-resistant bacteria, viruses and fungi before a specific type of resistance is encountered in the clinic
  • Population pharmacokinetics design, assay development, and execution of experimental studies
  • Prediction of optimal duration of therapy for any therapeutic agent, time to pathogen extinction and/or resolution of pathology so that duration of treatment can be known prior to phase III studies
  • Optimized design of phase I and phase II clinical trials