Our Advantages

Incorporating our platforms and innovations into the drug-development process provides several key advantages

  • Provides early clinically relevant go/no-go decision points for lead compounds prior to animal model testing and human clinical trials,
  • Reduces animal usage by identifying optimal dosing strategy in advance of taking the drug candidate into animals,
  • Provides a platform for developing drug-specific mitigation strategies against the emergence of drug-resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria or cancer cells,
  • Allows for the selection of optimal dose(s) based on bacteria or cancer cell reduction and, importantly, the suppression of drug-resistant strains,
  • Strengthens submission for IND by providing more clinically relevant data than even vertebrate animal testing,
  • Reduces time to IND filing by streamlining the iterative dose-optimization stage,
  • Provides significant financial savings by reducing animal usage, shortening time to decision points (allowing earlier identification of no-go candidates), shortening time to IND filing and adding precision in predicting efficacy of drug candidates,
  • Allows comparison studies with standard-of-care regimens that can be used as evidence for supporting reimbursement decisions once a drug is on the market,
  • Permits assay development for diagnostics that is tied to the specifics of molecules to allow clients to develop products associated with total care of patients, and
  • Uses proprietary models that predict optimal duration of therapy of any therapeutic agent, time to pathogen extinction and/or resolution of pathology. This, reduces the study magnitude and durations of phase I-II trials.